Sep 4, 2013


Good grief...the August do. Good blocks are quickly becoming my least favorite quilting project ever. We were given a flying geese tutorial and at first I was excited because I've never made a flying geese project.
Then the reality of this particular block set in.
64 scrappy 2" x 3.5" blocks to cut. 132 2" white blocks to cut. Diagonal lines to draw on all 132 white blocks. Sew a white square to a scrappy rectangle, trim to 1/4" seam, press, repeat 131 more times. Sew those into pairs of 2, 2 pairs to 4, 4 to 8, 8 to 16. Two blocks = the finished product. So.many.steps.

Super tedious quilt blocks #quilting

Add to that a super busy month and, no, my blocks aren't done. All my geese are done and a little over half the pairs. At least things will go a lot faster now. Still not a fan though. If I make flying geese again they'll definitely be on a MUCH larger scale.

Cut, sew, iron, repeat #quilting

Can't wait to move this project to the finished pile! I have lots of other things I want to work on and this one is monopolizing all my sewing time!

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Susan Owenby said...

Flying geese are so cool, but such a PITA! It will be worth it when you're all finished. :)

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

It's going to be gorgeous when it's finished! Keep reminding yourself of that and the time might go a little quicker!

Lucy said...

That is a lot of fiddly pieces! I like your color choices and the end result is going to be really nice! said...

I agree with you about this block. I ended up doing it using paper piecing - it was too daunting otherwise. I do like how your block is coming together though.

Sewgreen said...

I agree that flying geese blocks take forever! but I must say I quite like how yours are turning out!

Nancy said...

I always admire quilts made of flying geese but then I think about the process and decide against trying to use them for a quilt. I agree with you: they just seem like so much work! It's too bad that a project for a good cause has turned so "unfriendly." To be honest, though, they will look gorgeous when you're finished. I love what I see in your photos.

Schulz Family said...

visiting from WIP wednesday. It is going to look fabulous when finished. I do the flying geese a way that makes two at a time. There are heaps of different ways. But this is a good way to learn and uses scraps. You will love it when it is done.